9 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Sara, Epic Agency
September 17, 2021

Are you in the process of creating a new website for your business? Or you already have a website and it isn’t performing as you hoped? Here are some common design mistakes that lead to lower conversion rates.

  1. Conversion aversion

You haven’t defined what conversion is in the first place. It’s actually a really common mistake. The casual »email us or call us« won’t do. Decide on a small step and make sure your visitor has the instructions to take it.

2. Page pollution

Your homepage is crowded and poorly designed. It should be simple and easy with the options.  This is your lobby. It has to be welcoming and clean.

3. Keyword disconnect

Your website traffic comes from other websites. Keyword continuity is crucial and disconnects are lethal. The term the visitor clicked on or used to discover your content must jump off the page.

4. Buzzword babble

You may love your industry’s jargon, but it’s not good for conversion rates. You’re talking to to a prospect, a person, so be personable. Save the buzzwords for the product pages.

5. Incredibility

Being sensational won’t work. You should establish credibility and trust. Publish articles, videos, reports, testimonials, case studies, certificates and so on. Demonstrate credibility.

6. No help

Your site should have a friendly face saying »We’re here to help you«. Visitors will value informative and helpful content.

7. A one-way web

Don’t deny visitors a chance to speak. Let them know you’re listening. Encourage interaction – feature email opt-in, blog comments, opportunities to make requests, ask questions, complain, contribute ideas.

8. Unsearchable

Include a simple search field on your homepage, with content filters. Put up obvious signposts to direct traffic.

9. No direction

A lot of websites don(t have clear directions. Don’t be mysterious. Have a loud call-to-action on every page that points to the next step in the buying circle.

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Sara, Epic Agency