The Hybrid School campaign aimed at raising awareness and educating the public on hybrids and hybrid technology, and also to incite interest from users to test the Toyota hybrids.

Hybrid School

More than 650,000 unique users reached in Croatia.

6.7 Million

More than 6.7 Million displays on different advertising channels.


769 applications submitted for a test drive.

We prepared a special landing page to give users an opportunity to check their knowledge on hybrids, and to help them with the answers we added video explanations of questions with the multiple rally champion of Croatia. If the user successfully completed the questionnaire, they received a certificate, which granted them collaboration in a prize campaign to win a weekend with the Toyota hybrid. Entertaining, informative and interactive encouragement to test hybrids.
Hybrid School

The landing page also included invitations to test the Toyota hybrids or a display for the complete offer of the Toyota hybrid vehicles, testimonials by satisfied users and an invitation to visit the Toyota salons.

The number of unique users on the website has increased incredibly during the campaign, and we recorded a noticeable increase of applications for a test drive.