Five product videos were designed and created for the client, headlining Chef Bine Volčič.

We followed the Gorenje philosophy – “Life Simplified” yet in a more relaxed, daring and “cool” way, since we tried to appeal to a younger population and make sure the videos are memorable for the viewers.

Real choice for chefs

616,186 video views.


More than 500,000 unique users reached.


The most views occurred in the 25–34 year demographic group: younger population reached.

Bine was placed in unusual situations, not just the kitchen, where we are used to seeing him. Each video focused on the advantages of one product in this situation. The communication tone was comical, and the point was expressed in the first five seconds, which is an exceptional advantage of an online video.

This was reached by placing Bine Volčič in specific unusual situations outside the kitchen, for example, on Triglav, a motorcycle, a loud party, and these situations were connected to the product characteristics in the next shot.