Offline or online? Both!

Nadia, Epic Agency
May 21, 2020

During the pandemic, online sales represented the only sales opportunity for several sectors. A large number of retailers started creating or perfecting their online shops and enabled the sales to keep going, even if that meant in a stunted form.

And what will happen with online sales now, when the situation is gradually settling down? Some experts from the field of digital marketing are convinced that the trends of online sales will stick around. This will be mostly influenced by the ever present fear of infection and the fact that users have gotten used to online shopping, as it even seems a better choice in certain cases. Shopping from the comfort of your home has many advantages, and one of them is saving time.

We realised something similar. The online sales of one of our clients during closing down the physical stores has increased steeply. After reopening, the online sales dropped slightly, yet it remained much higher than before the epidemic.

The graph above displays the number of transactions

After reopening the physical stores, the number of clicks for checking stock (by physical stores) increased from an advertising point-of-view. It was only logical that the number of clicks on that button dropped during lockdown, since the users knew the shops were closed.

The graph above displays the clicks-per-ad vs. click to stock goal

Online advertising is incredibly important for online and physical sales. The best option is, of course, to offer the user both options of online and physical purchase, since the probability of purchase is increased. Some prefer online shopping, while some check the product data and stock in certain stores online and perform purchases personally in a selected store.

Do not postpone online advertising, regardless of owning only a physical store or both.

If you need any help or additional explanations, we are here for you.

Nadia, Epic Agency