Advice for retailers during the pandemic

Nadia, Epic Agency
April 3, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic brings forth concerns and a variety of challenges for retailers and their clients. It is important you are there for your buyers during these times. Notify them regularly on product stock, on how you maintain security and how your company handles the current situation. We are sharing some advice on how to help you steer your business through the current situation.

1. Become and stay informed

Try to learn as much as you can about the current needs of your buyers and try to adjust to those same needs. You can do that by using the Google Trends and Google Alerts tools to find out what your potential and existing buyers search for online.

2. Be transparent

Notify your buyers on product stock and provide relevant delivery information. If your working hours have changed, let your clients know, update the information on your website and the MyBusiness profile. If you are facing delays in delivery, point it out on your landing page.

3. Be prompt

Make sure all the information you share with your clients is up-to-date on all of your communication channels. Also, make sure to communicate it in a tone suitable to current times. And do not forget about your advertising campaigns and adjust the ads to reflect real conditions. Update any changes in the offer, and you can add information on purchase and delivery information in the ads.

4. Adapt

You do not have an online shop? That’s OK, try to think of some other way to guarantee your buyers your products and services undisturbed. You can do that very simply with a shop on Facebook, start taking orders over the phone or Messenger, or you can also offer the option of issuing vouchers for buyers to use when everything settles down. And of course notify your clients of the new purchase options. Consider advertising as well, and your message will really reach all of your (potential) buyers. Perhaps now is the time to invest in an online shop, since the trend of online shopping will sustain even after the pandemic, as claimed by experts.

During these insecure times, buyers want and expect the retailers to be ready. As they see it, promptness and transparency is incredibly important. Make sure you make shopping easier for your buyers by offering useful information. And do not forget, now is the right time for digital advertising. Your buyers are online and, according to Moss data, visits to Slovenian online media have increased by 20% since March. We have also noticed more than 300% of online sales growth in some of the sectors. Since we mostly stay at home, business has moved online, where users can socialise, shop and get informed. Online sales grow unstoppably, the visits to websites have increased, and the users spend more and more time online.

Nadia, Epic Agency