2 Google trends in local search for 2021.

Borut, Epic Agency
January 13, 2021

Google may be one of the world’s most trusted brands, but it’s also pretty mysterious and always evolving. There are entities you can optimize to reach higher positions like website, paid ads and Google business listing which we already know. Besides that we want you to have a look at two important trends of Google search to help your business become even more visible and attract customers in 2021. »Zero-click« and »Near me« searches.

You could realize that your Google Business Profile just may be the most important one of all.

Zero-click searches

Now, more than 50 % of Google searches end without a click to other content.

If you haven’t noticed, the Google search results page has changed dramatically over the past ten years. They are no longer just a list of 10 websites, but a mixed media interactive page containing answer boxes, local map lists, information cards, etc. Zero-click search refers to the search result at the top of the first search engine results page. They answer queries in search, allowing users to find relevant information without further clicking.

Your Google My Business listing appears on Google Maps and the local results of Google Search. A complete profile will display the information consumers need to make decisions about your business and contact you. All without visiting your website. This is what we mean by zero-click search: people are increasingly finding everything they need without actually clicking on results.

What you need to do

To ensure Google connects your business with nearby consumers, you absolutely need to get listed.

Create a Google My Business profile

To create a Google My Business profile, go to Google.com/business and create an account.

Claim your listing

To control your profile, you must submit your listing. To do this, search for your business name on Google Maps. If your business appears, select “claim this business” and follow the instructions. If your business doesn’t show up, you’ll need to add it as a place first and then follow the instructions.

Provide all of your information

Eventually, you’ll want to fill in all the fields for your profile, but for now, you can just discuss basic information like contact details and category. Your category is especially important as it enables consumers to find your business without knowing your business name. You can also select multiple appropriate categories as this is best practice.

Near me searches

Compared with last year, searches for “near me” increased by more than 150%. Take a look at this chart to understand “near me” searches on Google over the past 5 years.

As opposed to entering a zip code or location, people today perform more “near me” searches because they know Google will detect their location. The most popular industries under this type of local search radar are hospitality, banks and movie theaters. The apparel companies are not too far behind. If you are a local business owner, then optimizing the search for “near me” is critical to the success of your business.

What you need to do

Create and Update Google My Business Listing

Google Business listings are the first things that appear most of the times when you search for local keywords. It is logical cause they have all the necessary information (number, direction, pictures, reviews, etc.) that you will need after you search “nearby” keyword.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Because most of the “near me” search keywords are performed when people are out of their houses or in a state of urgency.

Keep Your Details Consistent in All Websites

Having your standard “Contact” page is a must, but let Google do its job even easier, including info in the footer of all your pages.

Write Blogs and Get Local Backlinks

A blog is a good way to earn local links — and, in addition, it can persuade users to purchase their products when they are in the customer journey “Research” phase.

For more tips we’re here for you.

Borut, Epic Agency